Frequency Assignment and Licensing

As a specialized service to clients, David Britt of DB Telecommunications is an ACMA Accredited Frequency Assigner and able to issue Frequency Assignment Certificates (FACs) to streamline client applications for the issue of ACMA Apparatus Licences.

DB Telecommunicationsí provides a prompt and professional service that minimises the amount of administrative paperwork that clients need to complete in order to submit ACMA licence applications.

Frequency assignments can be provided for the full range of mobile and fixed link services.

Radio Link Path Planning

DB Telecommunications also has specialized point to point link propagation and link analysis software which provides a highly automated means of analysing the performance of point to point radio link paths for a wide range of frequency bands. DB Telecommunications possesses digital terrain data covering all of Australia.

This software provides the capability to assist clients with the planning and engineering of fixed radio link networks involving single or multiple radio link paths.

The software is also used as an analysis tool to investigate potential co-channel and adjacent channel interference issues when performing fixed link frequency assignments.