Approach to Consulting Assignments

DB Telecommunications recognises that clients have very individual needs and understands the time, cost and organisational constraints that often apply to a particular project. Accordingly, the approach taken on individual client projects is specifically tailored to suit the needs of the client and any particular project constraints that apply.

The consulting resources of the company have many years of professional experience in the telecommunications & IT industries and the company’s continual involvement in these rapidly changing industries, ensures that DB Telecommunications keeps abreast of changing technology and can offer a comprehensive service to clients, with a practical results oriented approach.

DB Telecommunications typically employs a multi-phased approach to planning and implementation of complex telecommunications and IT systems. Some of the typical elements of this multi-phased approach are as follows:
• Requirements Analysis
• Evaluation of Options
• System Design and Specification
• Proposal Evaluation and System Recommendations
• Implementation and Management Support